Things I Like:

Sharing a good homecooked dish. Internet video songs, country, light rock, easy listening music, hand whistling, trumpet playing, brass, sitting on top of the rock on the hill in my back yard… watching and listening to trains coming and going in the distance, flying for fun, reading personal letters from snail mail or emails, internet activities, internet friends, IM’ing, watching a desert sunset, walking on the beach, listening to waves crashing ashore, discussing religion, roasting corn or marshmallows around a campfire and telling stories, muscle cars, 20 series learjets, old trucks, pre-1968 Volkswagens, helping people.

Things I Love:

Meeting strangers (especially from abroad) and making friends with them. Good conversation, spending time with my pets, popcorn, cheese, roasted almonds, spending time with loved ones, or friends, traveling to new places, looking down on a thunderstorm from 45 thousand feet, hershey’s kisses.

Things I Hate:

Horse flies that bite, mosquitoes, ticks, flees, bed bugs, goatheads, flat tires, cigarette breath, cigars, pipe smoke, doing laundry, gas guzzlers, spectator sports, restroom reading, witnessing war on television, politics, house cleaning, destructive fires, allergies, liars, thieves, cheaters, people who beat around the bush, snakes, skunks, porcupines, moles, mice, cat spray, leaking roofs, 115 degrees, dial-up, unsupervised 16 year olds behind the wheel, freeway noise, being stuck on a freeway.

Things That Make Me Upset:

Kids (or otherwise) riding their noisy 4 wheelers up the hill in my back yard. Trespassers, those who intentionally block my gate with their vehicle. Loud music next door and all I can hear is the base, beggers who aren’t beggers, tardiness, animal abusers, dripping water, toilets that need flushing more than once, loose objects flapping in the breeze when I’m trying to sleep, barking dogs, slow downloads.